I Udderly Love You

Udderly Love You - Melissa BowdenI wanted to try out mirror stamping for this card. It wasn’t easy, but in the end I think the image turned out quite well. I will be entering this card into the Lawnscaping Calling All Critters Challenge. I hope you like it!



  1. Samantha Casey says:

    Adorable card! I love the little farm scene you created! Thanks so much for playing the Lawnscaping Challenge!

  2. Claire says:

    Melissa, this is “udderly” adorable. I just realized that you have made several of the cards that I’ve pinned. I like your style. ;) Could you give some tips on the mirror stamping? Thanks!

    • Melissa Bowden says:

      Hi Claire! Thanks so much! I find it quite tricky, first you have to find the back of a stamp to stamp onto — the more dense with lines the better (it needs more structure to stamp well). Then when you are stamping the image onto the back of the stamp you need a very steady hand! Usually mine moves a little, but filling in and thickening up some of the lines with a Copic multiliner makes it look pretty good. I hope that helped! :)

      • Claire says:

        I’ll have to try it your way. I’ve used the “Tack N Peel” to mirror stamp, but had the same issues with trying to use a steady hand and not getting a complete image. Thanks for the tips!

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